About Us

A non-denominational Christian church with two campus locations in the Triangle area of North Carolina, Crossroads Fellowship is committed to reaching the community with the love of Christ while leading believers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

God planted the seed that was to grow into Crossroads Fellowship in August of 1987. Billy Riggs, an Assistant Minister at a church in Raleigh, spent time in prayer and sensed the Lord’s leading to found a new church – thoroughly Biblical, but clearly contemporary in style and dedicated to the task of reaching those who do not normally attend church. An informational meeting was called on January 12, 1988, and nearly eighty people came to hear the vision described. The snow and ice outside presented a stark contrast to the fire being kindled within. Forty-five pioneers agreed to commit to the church and met four times during the next few months at a local community center to prepare. We were unable to find a place to hold services until God miraculously opened the doors for us to meet at Athens Drive High School (our first choice for a meeting spot, which had already turned down requests from 30 other churches, and two from us!), only two weeks before our first service was to take place. God had established a temporary home for Crossroads Fellowship.

That first worship service took place on June 5, 1988 with nearly 250 people present. Sunday school classes began a week later, separated from one another only by makeshift curtains. Nurseries were formed by turning cafeteria tables on their sides at the end of hallways to form barricades. Despite the rustic conditions, the church thrived. Offices were opened in the basement of a building in downtown Raleigh. In early 1989 we hired a youth pastor. By January of 1990, 800 people were regularly jamming the auditorium, which was designed to seat only 550. On April 30, 1995, our Founding Senior Pastor Billy Riggs resigned. Two years later on August 17, 1997, Steve Breedlove was hired to be our new Senior Pastor as he and his family relocated from Canada. In May 2001, Steve resigned to join a local organization committed to developing leaders of churches in other countries; and on June 1, 2001, Chuck Milian became the Senior Pastor of Crossroads.

As a founding member, Chuck was privileged to be a part of forming the vision of Crossroads Fellowship. Chuck had a professional background in commercial real estate development and management. He had served as a volunteer Sunday School teacher and Director of a regional singles ministry called Solo, Inc before joining the staff in January 1991. He started out as our Singles Pastor and Church Administrator, and later in 1997 he became our Executive Pastor. He has an MA in Christian Ministry from Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary. Chuck is passionate about helping people begin a relationship with God and seeing people grow to maturity as followers of Christ.

God’s hand of blessing has been evident in many ways. After our launch in 1988, growth in numbers and staff continued through the next five years as Crossroads moved from Athens Drive to a larger rented space at Sanderson High School. In May of 1995, God miraculously intervened again, this time to provide us with a home of our own – the Black and Decker building (our current facility). By fall of 1996, construction began to build out 37,500 square feet of ministry space. Our first worship service in our new building was held in December of 1996. In March 1997, the staff moved into newly renovated office space.

Crossroads grew by leaps and bounds and in October 2000, God provided the resources to build out an additional 67,000 square feet of ministry space (with cash) as we continued to focus on paying down our existing debt. In September 2008, God again blessed as our people donated the cash to build out an additional 50,000 square feet of much needed ministry and office space. This new build-out gave us the opportunity to open a third main entrance to the building along with more Sunday morning classes and student ministry space. A local family was so impressed with our commitment to reaching the city and becoming debt-free that they committed to pay off the remainder of our mortgage. We responded by committing the money we no longer had to spend on mortgage payments to form and annually fund our Crossroads City-Reaching Foundation, which now gives more than $300,000 per year in grants to local agencies who effectively impact our city.

In 2011, we launched our Missions Thrift Store in a section of our unused warehouse space. People donate clothes, furniture, and other items for sale to the community at bargain prices. Anything that does not sell is donated to overseas agencies that distribute them freely to those in need. The proceeds from this venture help fund our annual short-term mission teams and our partnership with DOOR International, which plants churches for the deaf in India, Africa, and Asia. Our goal is to eventually grow this to the point that it generates $500,000 for outreach and missions.

In September of 2010, we launched our second campus (making us a multi-site church) in the Wake Forest/Rolesville area. God opened the door for this campus to meet at Heritage High School in Wake Forest. We "hit the ground running" with a very enthusiastic group of staff and volunteers leading the effort! Soon about 400 people were in attendance at our WFR Campus Sunday services. And, over the course of the next few years we added ministry opportunities in the Wake Forest/Rolesville area for families, students, men and women.

In early 2013, we were approached by Wakefield Baptist Church (who felt the Lord calling them to shift their efforts to another part of the Triangle) to take possession of their facility near Wakefield High School. They owned the beautiful facility at 13029 Keith Store Road in Wake Forest. We realized that this facility — with approximately 32,000 square feet and room to expand on 17 acres of land — would work perfectly for our needs. Because we didn't want to borrow money, we entered into a "rent to own" arrangement so that at the end of 10 years we will own the building!

On June 2, 2013 we held our first services in the building. This is just another example of the old saying..."You can't out give God!" We have always had a commitment to grow in our giving to God's work in the city and the world. From the beginning, we gave away 10%, then we increased it to 13%, today through our City-Reaching Foundation we give away approximately 21% of our annual income as we strive towards our goal of one day giving away 51%!

The last few years, when times were so tough, we didn't waiver in our faith and trust in God. Instead we did without things we wanted but we refused to "rob God"...and now He is showing us how pleasing our sacrifices are in His eyes! We give HIM all the praise for this opportunity and continue to trust HIM for the future.