Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer on Sunday Mornings?
We are one church with two locations! Crossroads Fellowship meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 and 11:00 at the Millbrook Campus in Raleigh (2721 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh NC 27604) and at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30 at the Wake Forest-Rolesville Campus (13029 Keith Store Road, Wake Forest NC, 27587). The WFR campus also has a worship service on Saturdays at 5:00pm! Join us at either location for great teaching, worship and fellowship.

Does Crossroads have Sunday School?
Yes! We offer Sunday morning options for the whole family at 9:15 and 11:00 at the Millbrook Campus and at 10:00 and 11:30 at the Wake Forest-Rolesville Campus. Learn More

Where do I find information on upcoming events?
We provide an Online Calendar, have an activity listing in our Sunday Morning Bulletin, and have the most current information at the Welcome Center in the front lobby and in other key locations around the church.
Crossroads has many pastors, which one "can I go to" for help?
We are a large, diverse and active church. Our pastors are generally assigned to either a church-wide function or demographic target (e.g., new visitors, young families, worship team, missions, children) in order to provide care, oversight, and growth for all the primary areas of our ministry. Although each pastor has certain areas of expertise and natural talents, all our pastors can perform baptisms, marriage ceremonies, and funeral services. Feel free to contact any pastor at Crossroads. The pastor or assistant may refer you to another person who will be better able to serve your request.
Does Crossroads provide counseling?
Crossroads does provide short-term pastoral counseling. We have pastors responsible for each demographic within our church. Call 919.981.0222 and an assistant will help determine the appropriate pastor who would be able to help, assist or provide short-term pastoral counseling that would best meet your needs. Additionally, we offer support groups, special classes and referrals to private practice Christian counselors in the community. Learn About Our Care Ministries
How do I get involved in a small group?
First, you can talk with Kathy Meadows who oversees our Guest & Member Services by contacting her at 919.981.0222 or at You can also complete our Online Connection Form and one or our staff will follow-up with you. On Sunday mornings, we also offer small group finder classes and the people at our Welcome Centers can help you locate the most appropriate group to join. Small groups tend to start in September and January but you are usually able to join a group at any time. We have groups that meet on campus and off campus.
Who can be a small group leader or teacher? How do I become a small group leader/teacher?
We believe anyone who feels pulled to lead a small group would make a good small group leader because we offer great training for our leaders. Some people start out as a group Apprentice or HOST and slowly grow into the Leader/Facilitator role as they become more comfortable. There are many options and types of groups and different leaders lead in different ways. The key is using the gifts and abilities of the other group members to accomplish the goal. No one is good at everything--some are good at the organizational aspects of group leadership, others are good at facilitating discussion, others have teaching gifts, and so forth. We help you identify your strengths and work with you to lead in ways that use your gifts as well as the gifts of others in the group who are strong where you may be weak. We only ask that people be willing to grow in the Word of God, commitment to Crossroads, and accountability to its elders and pastors. If you are interested in becoming a leader, apprentice, or host contact Kathy Meadows at or talk with any of our pastoral staff.
What do you offer during the week?
We offer a variety of small groups, ministry teams, classes and activities for all ages throughout the week. Please pick-up information from a Welcome Center for details on all of the events we offer. During the summer, we offer a more abbreviated schedule of events with a focus on Family and Fun!

What does non-denominational mean?
Crossroads is led by a team of staff and elders (staff-directed & elder-protected). We have no formal ties to denominational bodies. Our members come from a variety of denominations and "unchurched" backgrounds.
What is the role of your elders?
As mentioned above, the elders at Crossroads serve to shepherd and protect the vision, members, and staff of the church. While the staff oversee and run the daily operations of the church, the elders serve on the front lines as shepherds in partnership with the staff. The elders are nominated by members of the congregation and prayerfully called into service by the existing Board of Elders. They form a representative body that serves to oversee the staff (who are employees of the church) and make final decisions regarding the direction of the church. They approve all budget, staffing, and other major decisions. The elders protect the workings of the church by providing accountability and consistency of vision. Our staff and elders seek to be very closely connected as partners in leadership.

Who can become a member of Crossroads Fellowship?
You can become a member by either signing up at our Welcome Center, making a request online to Kathy Meadows (, or walking up front and requesting to do so at the end of any of our worship services. Adults need to complete a membership class, and then will be presented to the congregation and asked to take vows of membership.

How do I become a member?

  1. Sign up to become a member in any of the ways mentioned above. You will receive a membership packet and will automatically be enrolled in the next available class.
  2. Complete the DISCOVERY (membership) CLASS and indicate your desire to become a member. You may attend the class without becoming a member, but you cannot become a member without attending and completing the class process.
  3. Repeat the membership vows before the congregation on the designated Sunday with your fellow Discovery Class members.

Do you have to be a member to join a small group or volunteer?
No. Anyone may be an active participant in a Crossroads small group or ministry. We do ask Small Group Leaders to be members of Crossroads Fellowship.