Who Cares?  #CRFwhocares

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Who Cares"? Who cares about my life, my family, my relationships, our country or our culture? Who cares when I am hurting or when my relationships are falling apart? For that matter, who really cares about my finances, losses or spiritual condition? How often do we hide our issues from others and question whether anyone cares about us or about what's happening in our world? If we are honest, how often do we wonder if God actually cares? The reality is that God does care and He cares deeply. Because He cares, we have a great hope, mercy, grace and forgiveness. This means "it" is not over. We do not have to be defined by our past or present struggles. In our November sermon series, we will see that we have a God who not only cares, but a God who has also given us a pathway to wholeness and health. 

Sermon Title Date Sermon
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About Money  11/05/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
About My Struggles  11/12/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
About My Family  11/19/2017 PDF      
About My Attitude 11/26/2017        

During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events".