Culture, Value, Missions

Crossroads Fellowship seeks to be a church filled with people who "Love their Zip Codes".

We Value:

  1. The Word of God
    We believe in the power and authority of the Scriptures.
  2. An Authentic Relationship with Jesus Christ
    We believe that Salvation is found in no one else.
  3. People
    We are better together in ministries, groups and teams. We honor God by honoring one another within Diversity.
  4. Excellence
    We care about the details as we Serve the Body and Worship Together.

We Exist to develop Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus who want to Transform the Triangle and the World. 

Our desire is that you would discover your potential and what it means to live life fully devoted. We believe this happens as you:

We believe the full life of God intends for us exists within relationships. We foster relationships through groups, which exist to empower our potential through being known, growing and loving.

A changed life changes lives. We believe the power of the local church lies within its people. As we grow in our faith and begin to share our story with people, we bring them to church so that they can see the Love of God through us. 

Through serving, we discover our gifts, our passions and even our purpose. We are dedicated to creating opportunities here in the local church, community and abroad so that you may become fully devoted in Christ by meeting the needs of others. 

We believe in the power of prayer and the God who answers.

Freely we have receive and so freely we give. When we trust God with our finances, we know that He will meet our needs and use our generosity to impact others with the love of Christ.