IMPACT - The Generosity Initiative
A 3-Year Plan: 2017-2020

For over 28 years, Crossroads Fellowship has been making an IMPACT for Christ. Our commitment is to transform the Triangle and the World while developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. How we have made an IMPACT has varied over the years, but right now there are 2 incredible ways we can continue to IMPACT the communities around us:

1. The Wake Forest-Rolesville (WFR) Campus

In September 2010, we made an IMPACT in northern Wake County with the launch of the WFR Campus held at Heritage High School. What began with a core team of 150, quickly grew to over 400 adults. In just a few short months, we added a second service.

While the WFR Campus flourished in the rented high school space, we sought a more permanent location that would allow us to provide mid-week ministry. Because of Crossroads' principles of financial freedom, we did not want to incur a large mortgage debt that would hinder future ministry.

God granted our desires for a permanent WFR Campus home in an unexpected way. A sister church, Bayleaf Baptist, approached us about buying the land and facility they owned in Wake Forest. After reaching a ten year lease-to-own agreement, we held our first services in our new church home in June 2013. Attendance nearly doubled immediately and continues to grow. We now minister to over 1,200 people each weekend.

To further make an IMPACT, we believe it is time to complete the purchase of the WFR Campus. This will free up the money currently used for annual lease payments and allow us to use it for future ministry growth instead.

2. Reaching the Community and Next Generation

God has blessed us with two beautiful campuses. Each week, it is exciting to watch young adults who grew up in Crossroads' Kids and Student Ministries, now serving in various ministries at both campuses and on staff. We are committed to investing in the next generation.

Enhancing the Kids Ministry areas at both campuses with bright, fun spaces to learn and play, will help children grow in Christ and continue to attract young families. Developing athletic fields and outdoor recreation spaces will IMPACT our community and the next generation through camaraderie and the fun of sports.

Weekly Monthly Annually 3-Yr Total
$5 $22 $260 $780
$10 $43 $520 $1,560
$20 $87 $1,040 $3,120
$30 $130 $1,560 $4,680
$50 $217 $2,600 $7,800
$75 $325 $3,900 $11,700
$100 $433 $5,200 $15,600
$300 $1,300 $15,600 $46,800
$500 $2,167 $26,000 $78,000
$1,000 $4,333 $52,000 $156,000
$2,000 $8,667 $104,000 $312,000

How Do We Do This?

We are boldly asking God to provide $5,000,000 over the next three years above and beyond normal tithes and offerings. $4,250,000 will be designated to complete the WFR Campus purchase. Remaining funds will go toward expanding ministry opportunities, including improving Kids Ministry spaces at both campuses, developing activity fields at the Millbrook Campus and enhancing the WFR Campus activity fields and outside ministry space.

This sample giving chart shows how simply God can multiply even the smallest of gifts over time to have an eternal impact. Please use it as an easy reference as you pray and seek God's guidance on what He would have you give to IMPACT our community and the next generation for Him.