Together, We Can Transform Lives

It is your generosity that allows us to offer a wide variety of ministries for every age, maintain our buildings and grounds, support our staff members and impact our local and global communities. We are so grateful for how you faithfully support and sustain our church through prayer, service and giving, especially through challenging times.

There's still more to do!

Although the IMPACT Generosity Initiative officially ended in September 2020, there is still more to do to complete our goals!
We cannot wait to see how God is going to transform lives in our community as we stay the course and finish the vision He gave us.

1. Complete Recreation and Activity Areas

Get all the exciting NEW details about the Millbrook Campus Activity Fields plan on Sunday, November 7! (Above is an artist rendering of the proposed fields.) Not everyone is comfortable walking through the doors of a church, but they may be willing to attend a sporting event or play a game of basketball. We believe God has big plans to use outdoor ministries at Crossroads Fellowship to reach many lives in our community!

2. Pay Off Wake Forest Campus Mortgage

Paying off the Wake Forest Campus mortgage would free up substantial resources which could be used for outreach and enhancing existing internal projects. The annual mortgage payment totals $316,500. We need $2.6 million to pay off the Wake Forest Campus mortgage. Just think of the many ways we could use these funds to love the people in our zip codes!
(Financial numbers above are accurate as of 10-13-2021.) 

3. Fund Future Campus Development

Crossroads is committed to going where people live! Since starting the Wake Forest Campus in  2010, countless lives in Northern Wake County have been touched in some way by that campus. Funding campus development will make it possible to move forward on potential initiatives like the Knightdale Campus, make improvements to existing campuses, and allow us to quickly support unexpected ministry opportunities to fill a need in our communities.
We have so much hope to share with people in our zip codes! Thank you for your generosity.
God will use your faithful sacrifices to impact our community, further His kingdom, and transform the lives of many!

Help Make an Impact

Our vision is to REACH people. By faithfully completing this campaign, countless lives will be changed. That is what Impact is really about!

Prayerfully consider giving a sacrificial gift above your normal giving to help us complete these goals. In the days of Moses, God instructed believers to stop and count their blessings several times a year and to make a "sacrificial gift" to God's work in proportion to how God had blessed them. (Deuteronomy 16:16-17)

Celebrating What's Been Done
When we began  a three-year IMPACT Generosity Initiative, in April 2017, there was no way we could have imagined what would transpire over the next few years.  We faced a destructive fire in 2019 and then the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020.  Yet, we still stay true to our  big vision to take massive steps to reach our community with the hope of Christ. We also celebrate what God has already done through the generous gifts to the Impact Initiative:
  • We updated the Kids Ministry spaces at both campuses and have seen many kids and families grow spiritually and introduce their neighbors to church.
  • We paid $1.49 million toward the Wake Forest Campus mortgage bring us closer to our goal of paying it off and freeing up financial resources for ministry.